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  • May 2008 An 8.0M earthquake struck Sichuan Province. Sinopharm Foreign Trade undertook the task from Central Governmental to organize and supply medicine reserves for the disaster & emergency relief. At the same time, to send our love and support to people living in stricken area, via China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, the company donated RMB 998,720 worth of masks; all the company staff donated RMB 80,355 in cash and Party members also made a voluntary donation of RMB 51,010 as the special party fee.

  • Feb. 2008 Southern area of China experienced a severe snow disaster, rare in the recent 50 years. Our company staff donated RMB 18,800 to the disaster area via China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation.

  • Feb. 2006We made a donation of RMB 20,000 to support the social programs for the welfare of disabled people.
  • Dec. 2005 For a better winter for people in the disaster areas, our company staff donated winter clothing and quilts of about 710 pieces for disaster stricken areas.
  • Dec. 2004 When Christmas bells were still ringing in 2004, a tsunami of Indian Ocean made countless people homeless. We called for donation within the company. 165 staff offered their love and support and donated altogether RMB 18,305.
  • Oct. 2004 Proposed by Sinopharm Group, we donated medicines and medical equipment to areas along the route of the Red Army’s Long March, especially to remote, border and poverty-stricken areas and some areas inhabited by minorities.
  • July 2003 We donated to Jingyu Government of Jilin Province medicine and medical supplies worth to support local healthcare, disease prevention and treatment.
  • May 2003 When SARS was prevailing, we successfully fulfilled the task of a central medicine reserve keeper by delivering medicines and medical supplies to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. We also donated to Xiao Tangshan SARS treatment hospital RMB 1.055 million worth of drugs and protective equipment for medical worker protection and patient treatment.
  • Dec. 2002 We donated to the Chinese Health Express Foundation for cataract patients living in poverty stricken areas, to deliver the brightness of caring for life.
  • Aug. 2002 Our staff took part in the fund donation, called for by Sinopharm Group, to Yan'an Liulin Middle School to offer our love and support to help excellent students and teachers there.
  • June 2002 105 staff donated winter clothing and quilts of 689 pieces to people who suffered from severe flood in that summer.
  • 1998 A disastrous flood struck the Yangtze River basin in the summer. We donated about 4 million worth of drugs to the stricken are via Red Cross Society of China in November; one month later, we made another donation of import drugs worth of RMB 4.3 million.

Each year, more than 50 employees of Sinopharm Foreign Trade volunteers for blood donation, by which our corporate concept “Caring for life and attending to health” is shown and implemented.